myNoSQL: Fun With Numbers: How Much Data Is Facebook Ingesting


A recent GigaOM article provides some interesting data points about how much data Facebook is handling:

  • 2.5 bil. content items shared per day
  • 2.7bil. likes per day
  • 300mil. uploaded photos
  • 500+ terabytes of ingested data per day

The numbers above do not include any details about how many…

Facebook partnership brings Python and PHP to Heroku

Heroku has a lot of buzz for making it easy to automatically deploy your apps onto a webserver…now they support PHP, too. 


Facebook and Heroku have teamed up to bring you the fastest and easiest way to get your own Facebook app up and running in the cloud.

As part of this launch, we’re including partial support for two new languages: Python and PHP. For now, these languages are only supported for apps created through the Facebook integration.

Heroku’s Platform as a Service gets stronger and stronger. Hoping we see a full Python (even Django) roll out across Heroku in the near future…

But some people do not give a fuck. These people are usually print journalists. You know, that dying industry whose proponents still can’t figure out NetScape? We have a journalist/film critic who covers our festival, and he’s very prominent in our city.

I sent him all of our online screeners, complete with passwords for his own viewing. And what does he say? “I’m not interested in watching films online, I must have DVD copies, or I’m not covering anything.”


Turbulence, Then Explode: Journalism - GET. THE FUCK. WITH IT.

 Technical illiteracy + arrogance = death.  

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