Aunque no es nuevo, hay mucha gente que lo desconoce así que, ahí va: El video es un pequeño resumen del Episodio IV de STAR WARS totalmente dibujado en ASCII. En versiones anteriores del SO Windows se podía acceder a esta animación a través de la consola de MS-DOS, haciendo telnet a la IP: Ahora lo podemos disfrutar en youtube o en la página web oficial.

Although it’s not new, there are many people who don’t know it — this video is a little recap of Episode IV of Star Wars totally done in ASCII.  In old versions of Windows, telnetting to IP address would get you to the animation.  Now we enjoy it via YouTube or on the official web page.  

[(Bad) translation from the original Spanish by me of a really wonderful Olde Timey ASCII Art — lifeandcode]



I’m trying to teach myself Python, I love Instagram, and I have this little thermal printer. So I decided to make an ASCIIGRAM - ascii Instagram feed.

I came together pretty quick but it is admittedly very hackish. I’m very new to Python and any real programming language (despite using snippets of many over the years)

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LOVE.  OMG.  I CAN’T EVEN.  It’s like everything I like ALL AT ONCE.  


-=[ octopus ]=- 9/97 by Joan Stark


-=[ octopus ]=- 9/97 by Joan Stark

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