"This is what was so extraordinary about his original question: he is evidently so steeped in newsroom culture that he does not understand – literally, does not understand, as we know from his subsequent clarifications – that this is not a hard question at all, considered from the readers’ perspective. Readers do not care about the epistemological differences between lies and weasel words; we want newspapers to limit the ability of politicians to make dubious assertions without penalty. Judging from the reactions to his post, most of us never understood that this wasn’t the newspapers’ self-conceived mission in the first place."

The New York Times public editor’s very public utterance

As journalists publicly and privately wring their hands about the declining relevance of traditional print journalism, perhaps it’s about time that they did what the public has always wanted: deliver the truth. Anyone can plagiarise a PR puff piece — we expect more than this from bona fide journalists.

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