I just love, love, love these illuminated class notes from @robinpam. 


Week 3 of programming class. We dived into data structures, learning about arrays and hashes. Brian, the teacher, brought crucial tools to class: rulers, string, tape, post-its, and index cards. 

Here’s what happened:

learning = {“index cards” => ”objects”, “post-its” => “variables”, “rulers” => “arrays”}

(That’s my hash for learning without the computer tools. The string and tape were, I suppose, akin to [] for the array).

We hung index cards with peoples’ names from the ruler, assigned various variable names to the cards, then switched them around, operated methods on them, made new objects, and learned how arrays, variables, and objects all interact, all without touching the computer for about half of the class.

I came out of it with the eureka moment of, “This is why I’m taking a class.” Because it’s so thrilling to learn by listening to and asking questions of a real person, and by working with our hands, even in such a basic way. Brian’s interactive teaching style is really helping me to see the concepts come together much more quickly than if I were reading about them alone, then trying to implement them.

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