The 1948 San Francisco roadway plan.


The 1948 San Francisco roadway plan.



The Harry Potter saga


The Harry Potter saga

DataSquid is a new app for visualizing and exploring data on tablets. Instead of forcing you to touch a boring, old spreadsheet, DataSquid lets you touch, sift, and play with your data in a physical environment. Each row of data becomes a circle that can be pulled like a magnet into charts, filtered through screens, and selectively highlighted.”

The Sensing Umbrella gathers, displays and shares information about air pollution as you walk around.


Earlier in the week, I posted a link to a site that’s being called the YouTube of data visualization websites. Only I posted the wrong link. It’s not—it’s, with a D. And even when I know that’s what I’m supposed to type, I still type Dataviz.

Also, they removed the cool scrolling.

Internet Live Stats - Internet Usage & Social Media Statistics

The beauty of data visualization


TED talk from the creator of

Code, the newsroom, and self-doubt


The crazy thing is, I almost didn’t apply. I didn’t even think I was a candidate. I had never studied computer science, I just tinkered with code in my spare time because I had fun projects I wanted to try. I Googled for examples and wrote lots of really ugly code.  But I never considered myself a developer. This fiction became increasingly ridiculous, as it went from “Well, sure, I know some HTML but I’m not a developer or anything” to “Well, sure, I know some JavaScript and I can use a webserver but I’m not a developer or anything” to “Well, sure, I know Python and PHP and some C and Java and I spend all day on the command line, but I’m not a developer or anything.”

Verification Junkie


Data journalism is on the rise, which also means there’s an increasing need for tools that fact check and verify social media posts and user-generated content. Verification Junkie has quite a few useful examples. 

If yer mama says she loves ya…verify it with a few more sources.  

Data Journalism is the Punk of Our Times

Mulvad points out that very often data is only a first step in the process of creating the story. “It is very important, that the journalist looks into the data himself, instead of relying on other researchers. This is something journalists do too often: they interview people who know the data. But those people may have their hidden agenda, they may have the conclusions a bit coloured, in order to justify the meaning of their work. Journalists should be able to find the most important stories in the data and then interview sources on their findings.”

Useful Writing Websites


I compiled most of the writing websites I’ve mentioned on my blog into one post. I find a lot of these sites useful, so hopefully they can help you out!

Imagination Prompt Generator: This give you a one-sentence writing prompt that will help you come up with ideas. I…

No video, no problem: Creating interactive video effects with JavaScript


Matt Campbell shows how JavaScript and a few image layers can produce impressive video-quality animations you can enhance with interactive elements like motion controls and head-tracking.


Unemployment rate  for the Obama admin by month Jan 09 through July 2014 Source: metricmapsore (reddit)
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Unemployment rate for the Obama admin by month Jan 09 through July 2014

Source: metricmapsore (reddit)

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"I also see a lot of resumes from recent grads on their 4th or 5th internship and that makes me wonder…why is one not enough? Are times really so tough that the only career path available to recent grads is to hop from one internship to another, sometimes for years after school?"

Adam Schweigert explores the value of internships in The End Of Interns. (via onaissues)

Excellent work from someone I am proud to call my coworker.

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